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Are you getting the problem in log into the email login account? If yes, then there is nothing to worry because you are not the only one who is facing the problem. There are a number of users who are getting the same problem on their computer and on their phones. They are facing trouble in log into the account due to password problem. One of the users has reported a problem with the account. He said that he is getting the error message on the screen, which says the password rejected due to server problem or server has not verified the password.

Besides this, one of the users has explained the problem in detail. He said he has started getting this problem from the last 2 weeks and the screen keeps on showing the same message again and again. It displays, ‘error with the pop. SBCGlobal Email or a timeout error. Another user shared an experience with us. He said, ‘He has tried to log in to the account number of times’ but keeps on getting the Password error message. It infuriated him and also draws the poor image in his mind related to SBCglobal mail account.

It has also been seen that this problem generally occurs with the email-clients. If you are using the web-based email service, then there is no problem but if you are using the programs like outlook, live-mail then you may get this problem. You will find a problem in login to the SBC Global net mail.

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