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Please follow the given steps to set up AT&T email on your iPhone:

Step 1  Go to  Settings  on your iPhone and tap  Contacts . Next, tap on  Add Account ; this will allow your AT&T webmail account to be added.

Step 2  Select  Yahoo . You will be asked to enter your email address, and password. You'll also enter  AT&T webmail  there. Once all this is done, tap  Save  and return to your home screen.

Step 3  The mail icon will not be there on the Home Screen; You have to swipe either right or left of the home screen to find the mail icon. All your AT&T (or SBCGlobal) emails will be in it.

However, if you face any problems on your iPhone; it is advised that you get professional help.

SBCglobal email settings  | SBCglobal mail settings  | SBCglobal net email login

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